Luis Acosta makes DCI

Luis has been offered a contract to be part of the 2023 Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps. It's difficult to explain all the facets of what/who Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps is, and what role they play in Drum Corps International, the governing body that organizes competitions and other performance opportunities for these non-profits’ performance groups.


"The mission of Drum Corps International is to bring the life-enriching benefits and enjoyment of marching music performing arts to more people worldwide. We do this by creating a stage for participating organizations to engage in education, competition, entertainment, and the promotion of individual growth."


The tour runs through the second week of August every year. These students are taught by some of the best music and movement educators in the world and perform in more than 18 shows per summer. 

Luis auditioned as a trumpet performance member in December and was awarded a contract.

Mr. George Salinas and Mrs. Veronica Salinas ENHS assistant band directors are also part of the educational team at Genesis. Last year, Evaristo Galvan, an alumnus at ENHS, was a performer with Genesis. He is slated to come back this summer as well.